The Studio Advantage

By accessing our collaborative internet database, members are equipped with the answers, and educational resources they need to deliver the highest quality care, no matter where they are.


Physician Preference Cards

Our Physicians Preference Cards are reliable sources of information because we have given Physicians the power to control them. Now you can review expectations and learn in advance.



We are developing a database full of tutorials that feature all of the instruments, and tools we use in healthcare. Each product will have explanations, pictures, & online links to video guides that teach you how to assemble and troubleshoot items REAL quick!


Procedure Videos

Knowing what to expect is the key to anticipation. Our library of procedure videos will go over different techniques by surgeons from all over the world.



Learn what you need to know REAL quick to get your work done safely and efficiently. By attending classes, using the on demand resources, and knowing what your physicians need in advance you will begin to feel well prepared to deliver quality care.


REAL Simulators

They say amateurs practice until they get it right; professionals practice until they can't get it wrong. Our simulators are lifelike and give individuals or teams a chance to get hands on practice rehearsing procedures before delivering care. Let's stop using our patients as practice dummies.
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