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Reviewing Expectations Accelerates Learning

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Our Providers

Motivation is the driving force behind life-enhancing change.

Dr Jessica Shepherd

MD MBA FACOG, Trained in Minimally Invasive Surgery

Dallas, TX

Dr George Branning

Gynecology, Hormonal Balancing, Intimacy Care, Robotic Surgery

Frisco, TX

Dr Christy Walker

Dual Board Certified as a Gynecologist and Cosmetic Surgeon by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery

Plano & Frisco, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions not listed, reach out to us

Who has access to these preference cards?

Cards are only visible to members of the Surgery Studio

Who will maintain the cards?

Each preference card is authored and maintained by the Surgeons.

What if I need to make changes to my card?

Simply login to your account and edit your card anytime you need to.

What if I don’t have time and want someone else to create my preference cards for me?

At this time we don’t have a feature that allows you to assign a proxy to upload info on your behalf. You would have to share your login information with someone you trust and allow them to input the information on your behalf.

How do I know the information I’m viewing is accurate?

We ask that our users get their accounts verified when signing up. You simply upload a selfie with you holding your hospital ID badge next to your face so that we can verify that it is in fact you who is creating the user account. Once verified we will place a blue check next to your profile picture so that our members know the information they are viewing was either authorized or input by you.

How do I cancel my membership?

You’re free to cancel your membership at anytime. Simply login to your account and click the cancel my membership button. You can also send us an email to and request us to cancel your membership for you.

Can Non Members view my courses?

Yes, non members can view your courses if you send them the Zoom link. You will have to set up a zoom account to get your personal link, but this will allow you to customize your class preferences including payment preferences if you wish. Any online courses you promote on The Surgery Studio website would be free to members. If you choose to host classes in person and want to charge a fee, you can ask Studio members to pay. It would be your responsibility to manage and arrange for all payments from students.

Can I make my courses private?

You can use Zoom to host courses and webinars. This platform will allow you to make your courses public or private. If you want to make your course private, simply share the login ID with users who register and pay. Alternatively you can make your class free to all attendees by including the class login ID within the body of the course description.

Can I charge for my classes?

You cannot charge members for online classes, but you can charge non members. In order to charge for courses you will need to set up an account through Zoom which will then give you access to a paypal feature which will allow you to set up your course preferences however you choose.

How do I get a refund for a class I paid for?

All classes are individually planned and maintained by the Instructors. If you request to cancel or need a refund, submit those requests directly to the course instructors.

What is the difference between Provider preference cards and patient preference cards?

Your provider preference cards should be created to give your healthcare team all the information they need to care for your patients. Patient preference cards should be written with information you need your patients to know. Increase compliance through in depth and understandable learning platforms

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